With super-sized vocals and hook-filled songwriting chops, Ella Reid continues to carve out a space for herself while recording her next studio album! 

Austin, TX based singer/songwriter Ella Reid displays her evolving country/pop/rock style and showcases her unique artistry. Ella attended the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival for two years in Orange Beach, Alabama and won the coveted first place for the Nashville Songwriter’s Association.  She loves writing and creating a positive and supportive community with fellow musicians and it comes through in her music.  When you listen to her music you can feel it. 

Ella Reid has been playing and writing music most of her life. She learned to play guitar her senior year of high school and has never looked back. Over the years she has learned to hone her talent and really lock into the pop/country/rock sound she has today. The hooky, emotion drenched melodies are what make up Ella Reid and her music.

The current album is available on Pandora, iTunes, Spotify and SiriusXM, as well as her website ellareidmusic.com. The album is a sonic treat packed with pop hooks and soaring melodies that takes you on a musical journey. From the road-trip-ready sing along “Drive”, to the Pat Benatar-esque Rocker “Kiss Me”, to the jazzy and delicate love song “From Me To You”, there is a sense these songs are crafted to show you exactly who she is with a wide variety of influences and talent.

"Ella's latest single 'Suck It Up Buttercup' makes me want to get together with all my girl's and shoot breeze out on my porch having a good ol' time. It is a fantastically fun song to listen to."

   Tina Gonzales ~ 5 O'Clock Friday Show, KZSM FM Radio

  Listen and Buy Here!

Listen and Buy Here!



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