Media Approved Quotes About Ella

“Ella is a uniquely gifted singer and talented songwriter. She's always got her mojo workin in the vocal booth. The girl's definitely got the goods. It's been my pleasure collaborating with this creative spirit. You gotta check her out ....” - Dana B. Producer, Mirror Image Studio

“BusyBoy Productions has been honored working with such an amazing artist. When she walks onto the stage people may not notice her but when she wails out her first note peoples jaws drop with ahh. She can blow the walls down with her absolutely beautiful vocals.” - Jack Paar, BusyBoy Productions

“When I first listened to her sing, I heard something deep and powerful. After reading about her life, I now understand what I heard. A car accident nearly ended her life and from this tragic episode, she has mustered the strength and determination to do what she always wanted to do.”  - Diana Olson, Skope Magazine
"Never give up on your dreams and always do what you love. It won't be wasted time." - Ella Reid


Ella is Booked at an Hourly Rate $100 Up To 4 hours. Depending on the crowd, breaks may not be takes at intervals of 45 play w/ a 15 min. break. We want to keep the people dancing and will do what we can to make the night amazing and still keep hydrated!

We want a Duo, Trio or Full 4 piece band?

*Requesting me with a Band requires me hiring up to 1-3 Musicians to Accompany me For Your Party or Venue: Hourly Rate per Musician $50

**We love food!!! Food budget over Alcohol is a preferred plus. 

*Special Pricing for Weddings, Charity & Benefit Events, and Private Parties


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