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2018 I Love Christmas EP - Independent

CHristmas Cover.jpg

2018 Sweet Angel - Single - Commissioned, Licensed


This song was commissioned by Billy Soden for Colesfoundation.org and as a gift to the family of Cole, a 3-year-old boy who died from a rare form of cancer ten years ago, two months after his initial diagnosis. 

This song is dedicated to anyone who has lost a “sweet angel” in their life, but choose to make a difference in the lives of others to honor of them. Ella’s “Sweet Angel shares the universal message of HOPE with soul and inspiration. 

*All proceeds go to Cole's Foundation, who over the past decade has helped thousands of kids with cancer and will continue to until childhood cancer exists no more. Read more about Cole's Story and Cole’s Foundation by visiting: 

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2018 Walk On - Single - Remastered for Living This Life Podcast - Licensed


This song was INITIALLY created for the Profiles of Hope: Survivors With Hope Project in San Francisco where the Break down is filled with powerful voices of hope were recorded. This song has recently been picked up for a new podcast Launching Oct. 26th for women & survivors of Sexual Assault and overcoming Life events to finding and creating their BEST lives!

This song was Re-mixed and mastered in Austin at Ice Cream Factory Studio because Ella believes that all songs have a life of their own and Walk On is ready to fly...

This song is dedicated to Survivors of Sexual Assault.

One in three women have been the victim of sexual violence. One in six men also experience sexual violence, and the likelihood grows based on your economic status, race, sexual orientation, disabilities, an immigrant. It happens everywhere from esteemed college campuses to someone's home.

You are Supported, You are Loved. www.rainn.org

"Link your arm in my arm cuz you;re never alone..." ella

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2018 Big Girl Pants Album - Independent

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2015 Drive - Album Release - Independent

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