Ella Reid Rockin’ in Taylor!

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3 Dec 2017

Ella Reid Rockin’ in Taylor!

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So I finally go to see her, Ella Reid that is.  I have been following her on Facebook for some time, including watching her live events she does (regularly), but for some reason, my schedule has never allowed me to make it to where she is playing.  So before last Friday, I cleared everything off of my schedule, put a note on the calendar, reminders on my phone and so on, all reminding me that I was going to be downtown Taylor seeing Ella Reid.  This obsession came from several places; seeing Ella interact with people on her facebook live and how she seems so genuine, hearing her new Christmas song, hearing her song “Suck it up Buttercup“, and in short, I wanted to see if she was going to impress me as much in person as she had done online already.

Well, as I walked down the sidewalk to The Texas Beer Company (TBC) I could hear Ella singing, who was already in her first set.  There was actually a little adrenaline at that time, it is sort of like waiting to see your favorite band and getting your ticket and walking into the auditorium and you hear them playing, it’s a rush.  That’s the way I am when it comes to local music, especially with person’s who have unbelievable talent.  Once I observed that TBC had a lot of people in here tonight, so I found a corner that luckily was in the front closer to Ella. Sometimes you can have a crowd but they are there for reasons other than the music.  So in between taking pictures & videos, I always walk into a venue and talk to people and try to get a feel for the “vibe”.  The people at the bar were watching Ella, the full tables all the way to the back of the room were watching Ella, the people from Austin that I spoke with were watching Ella and it was easy to see why because she was Rockin’.

Ella has a beautiful smile and she engages everyone, which I believe is a sign of an experienced performer.  She tells “just enough” about a song she is performing.  She is energetic, captivating, has a bright “spunky” attitude with a dose of “delicateness”.  You can see what I’m talking about when you hear her sing “Suck it up buttercup” (or many other originals she has) then transitions to “My kind of Christmas Eve“. But on top of all of this, she has a beautiful voice and is a very talented singer.  The high notes she can hit were very surprising, and then her transition back down, another sign of a truly experienced performer.

During her break, I was able to meet Ella and her band, which consist of Shane who is her husband and the bass player, Matt at drums and Patrick on lead guitar.  My initial impression from Ella from seeing her on a Facebook “live” event was that she was genuine, and that is what you pick up from her immediately, a down-to-earth artist who is still grounded and someone who makes you feel like you’ll are old friends who just ran into each other.  Her band is an extension of her,  they are all overly gracious and took time to speak with everyone.  They are true professionals, but more importantly, they are “real people” just doing what they love.

Ella Reid is everywhere and is constantly performing so I am highly recommending that you go check her out.  You can find her on Facebook or on her website Ella Reid Music Website

Below is a video of her from the other night singing “Suck it up Buttercup” followed by some photos.

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Ella Reid