The Hippy Cowboy Interview & After Party

In-Depth Sit Down WithAustin-Based Singer-Songwriter, Ella Reid


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Ella Reid

Ella Reid is an amazing woman, singer-songwriter, and person. She is an absolute blast to be around and I challenge anyone to try to be around her without smiling, she just brings it out of you. During our interview we literally talk about everything, from her Christmas music, to “Suck it up buttercup”. We discussed how she was introduced to music, to her working in the corporate field, to her transitioning full-time to music. We discussed the different places she has lived to the different adventures she has had in her music career.
Ella Reid is truly the image of a strong woman as she is focused, driven and is conquering her goals.

The After Party

So let me tell you that “The After Party” with Ella goes a lot more in-depth than the initial interview. We discuss more than music, we discussed her “life” and how she has overcome adversity and how that adversity has made her a stronger person. Ella tells an awe-inspiring story, which I believe many should hear, as it can apply to anyone.

Ella Reid